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Gaby moreno and Oscar Isaac presented “Luna de Xelajú” in the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

By Camila Domínguez

Guatemalans present! Singer Gaby Moreno and actor Oscar Isaac performed ‘Luna de Xelajú, on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show on January 22nd. 

The artists performed with guitars in hand the famous song ‘Luna de Xelajú‘, created by Guatemalan musician Paco Pérez, on which they collaborated and released in March 2023. 

Moreno and Isaac’s performance was initially scheduled for 2023; however, the show was postponed due to the Hollywood writers’ strike, as explained by the singer on her Instagram account.

About Luna de Xelajú

The song ‘Luna de Xelajú‘ is considered a second anthem in Guatemala and was created by singer Paco Pérez, whose inspiration came from bohemian nights under the sky of Quetzaltenango, a department in Guatemala.

Some tourist attractions in Quetzaltenango include:

  • Templo Minerva
  • Historical Center of Quetzaltenango
  •  Ferrocarril de los Altos Museum
  • Casa de la Cultura No’j
  • Chicabal Volcano and Lagoon
  • Ermita de la Concepción Salcajá

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