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Discover Guatemala’s 7 Touristic Regions

Guatemala’s a small yet beautiful country that possesses several places perfect for tourists to visit and experience in their own different way. These places have been strategically classified and divided into the “7 Touristic RegionsGuatemala has to offer with their own and unique ways to experience the country and its culture. 

Guatemala City: Modern and Colonial

This region covers the departments of Guatemala and Sacatepequez. First, start your journey in the capital, Guatemala City, where you will be welcomed by a beautiful view of the city and modern skyscrapers. Then, you can head to one of Guatemala’s most famous destinations “Antigua Guatemala” located in Sacatepéquez, where you’ll be greeted by a beautiful colonial architecture that offers a glimpse into Guatemala’s past and present while exploring the city. This region is perfect for hiking and practicing ecotourism. 

This are some of our picks for hotels and destinations in the region: 

Guatemala City:

Antigua Guatemala:

Altiplano: Living Mayan Culture

This region covers the departments of Chimaltenango, Sololá, Quetzaltenango, San Marcos, Huehuetenango, Quiché and Totonicapán. Continue your journey where the ancient mayan traditions and knowledge thrives and blooms where you’ll be able to witness traditional mayan ceremonies and traditional indigenous markets. Here, you’ll also be able to visit “Lake Atitlan”, the natural beauty surrounded by volcanoes creating a breathtaking landscape.

This are some of our picks for hotels and destinations in the region: Sololá:

Petén: Adventure in the Mayan World

This region is completely dedicated to the department of Petén, and for good reason. Petén alone holds a vast diversity of wildlife, both plants and animals, the most iconic archeological sites in Guatemala, Tikal, home of “El gran Jaguar”  and “El Mirador”. This region is perfect for different activities like hiking, birdwatching and visiting protected areas.

This are some of our picks for hotels and destinations in the region:

Izabal: A Green Caribbean

This region is also completely dedicated to the department of Izabal, where you’ll be able to visit different destinations such as Quirigua Archaeological site, Río Dulce and Lake Izabal’s tropical landscapes as well as the historic Fortress of Castillo San Felipe. If you want to discover a new world of gastronomic delicacies, music, archaeology and live culture, this region is perfect for you.

Las Verapaces: Natural Paradise

Known for its cloud forests, waterfalls and outstanding landscapes, this region is perfect for those who are looking for the opportunity to practice ecotourism such as hiking while appreciating nature and serenity. You can visit different places like Semuc Champey, The Biotopo del Quetzal “Home of the National Bird”, and the famous “Grutas del Rey Marcos”, where you can visit the grotto and do activities like canopy and hiking.

This are some of our picks for hotels and destinations in the region:

East, Mystical and Natural

The departments of El Progreso, Jalapa, North Jutiapa, Chiquimula and Zacapa form the East, Mystical and Natural region. Chiquimula holds a significant importance regarding spirituality as it’s considered to be “The Central American Capital of Catholic Faith” where hundreds of visitors venerate the Black Christ, creating a deep spiritual experience for those who visit. As well, the natural wonders like Sierra de las Minas in El Progreso, and Estanzuela Museum of Paleontology in Zacapa that’s home of treasures of ancient life-forms that fascinates and educates visitors from all over the world.

Pacific, Magical and Diverse

Last but not least, this region covers the departments of Escuintla, Santa Rosa, South Jutiapa and Retalhuleu. Here, you´ll be able to visit the National Park Takalik Abaj, a mesmerizing archaeological center that holds great importance in the history of Guatemala, as well as the Archaeological Site El Baúl. Also, you can visit the famous “Pacific Beaches” with their unique black sand, activities such as surfing and visiting the mangroves this makes the perfect destination for those who seek adventure and relaxation.

These are some of our picks for hotels and destinations in the region:

As you were able to see, Guatemala is a vast and rich country that has hundreds of options and opportunities for tourists all over the world to discover and experience for themselves all in just 7 regions that hold a million adventures.

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