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The Sustainable Tourism Commission of AGEXPORT committed to promoting sustainable and social tourism between the south of Mexico and Guatemala


In 2019 and before the pandemic, Guatemala registered around 110,153 Mexican tourists in the country, representing 4% of all international tourists. With the objective of being able to reactivate tourist visits between both countries, the AGEXPORT Sustainable Tourism Commission participated in the signing of an agreement with SUSTENTUR for tourism and alliances of the Sustainable & Social Tourism Summit held in Cancun, Mexico on last September 8, 2021.

“In our constant search for important allies, we have identified SUSTENTUR through its general director, Vicente Ferreyra, when we met we knew that we shared the same values, the same feeling regarding the promotion of sustainability in tourism through the strengthening of its three pillars, environmental, social and economic. We are honored to sign this agreement, within the framework of the Sustainable & Social Tourism Summit, committing ourselves to look for strategic projects that we can work together, thus promoting the southern region of Mexico and Guatemala”, said the vice president of the Sustainable Tourism Commission of AGEXPORT, Anaité Castillejo.

Among the activities that were agreed to start working together between Sustentur and COMITURS, was the advice for the strengthening of the sustainable and social tourism component for the associates of both; the development of research projects and sustainable and social tourism together; the documentation of sustainable and social tourism processes and projects with the aim of communicating actions and best practices, in addition to transferring knowledge between tourism, environment and development instances and influencing local, state, regional and national policies when appropriate. through the promotion of laws, norms and institutional agreements; among others.

“We assume the commitment to work together and thus promote sustainable tourism in the southern region of Mexico and Guatemala, since the similarities in supply between both countries was a decisive factor for the signing of this agreement, which establishes the cooperation of both parties to look for projects that promote sustainable tourism in the region, in addition to the promotion of destinations and the conservation of natural resources”, concluded Castillejo.

This agreement is valid for two years and covers Quintana Roo and Guatemala. Similarly, the commitment to good biosafety and sustainability practices are key to economic reactivation through tourism activities between Mexico and Guatemala, since both regions were strongly affected by the pandemic that has occurred nationwide. world.

The participants in the signing of agreements at the Sustainable & Social Tourism Summit 2021 were: Vicente Ferreyra, Sustainable & Tourism Summit; Jorge Brower, President of the Chamber of Tourism of La Ceiba, Honduras; Anaité Castillejo, Vice President of the Sustainable Tourism Commission of AGEXPORT, Guatemala; Francisco Fernández Millán, Nautical Associates of Quintana Roo, Mexico; Román Caamal, President of the Community Tourism Network of the Maya Zone of Quintana Roo, Mexico; Dolores de Jesús Cabnal Coc, Delegate of the Ak Tenamit Association, Guatemala and Marcio Rivera, Association for Tourist Communities, Honduras.

Through the organization of events, congresses, conventions, conferences, fairs and the carrying out of studies and sustainable projects, it is hoped that the promotion of a culture of sustainability and social responsibility in Guatemalan and Mexican tourism will be achieved.

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