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Antigua Guatemala, a beautiful colonial city for dream weddings

By Camila Domínguez

Antigua Guatemala has been classified in recent years as a beautiful colonial city to host dream weddings. This city was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its significant historical value and tourist attractions. 

Antigua Guatemala was founded on March 10, 1543, in the Valle de Panchoy and designated as the third capital of Guatemala. The city is abundant in temples, monasteries, and colorful colonial houses. It still preserves constructions from the 16th century and can be explored on foot through its cobblestone streets.

It is a romantic, intimate, and viable destination for weddings. Here are some places we recommend for weddings:

Convents and ruins

Antigua Guatemala boasts stunning views of the Agua Volcano and a cool climate. Additionally, the city is rich in crafts such as traditional textiles, ceramics, silver products, typical sweets, and gastronomy.

It is a unique and highly distinctive destination for hosting dream weddings.

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