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INGUAT and AGEXPORT seek synergy to reactivate tourism in Guatemala.

Directors of the Sustainable Tourism, Health and Wellness Tourism, Handmade and Orange Economy Commissions met with the Director of INGUAT, Anayansy Rodríguez Castillo, who learned about the potential of these export sectors and their impact on tourism in Guatemala .

This meeting aimed to find synergies and work together from Public-Private efforts for the reactivation of tourism in Guatemala. In addition, it was also of great importance due to the transversality between the AGEXPORT tourism commissions that attended.

“We know that by working together we can find more and better solutions to reactivate tourism in Guatemala. We must be prepared as a country to redeem that potential and receive as many local and international visitors”, commented the President of the AGEXPORT Sustainable Tourism Commission, Andreas Kuestermann.

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