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Places to visit in Guatemala

By Camila Domínguez

Guatemala is a country with a privileged geographical position and boasts a wealth of natural, cultural, and historical richness. This Central American country features over 360 microclimates, 37 volcanoes (of which 3 are active), 4 lakes, and more than 320 protected areas.

That’s why we recommend adding Guatemala as your next destination to explore! Here are the main places to visit in Guatemala.

Antigua Guatemala

Antigua Guatemala is a beautiful and historic colonial city founded in 1543 and declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site on October 26, 1979. You can explore destinations such as Calle del Arco, museums, the central park, markets, and take tours of cocoa, coffee, jade, and much more.

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Guatemala City Historic Center

The Historic Center of Guatemala City is the oldest area of the capital of Guatemala. The third capital of Guatemala was founded there on January 2, 1776. The Historic Center showcases various architectural styles and a political, cultural, economic, and social atmosphere.

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Semuc Champey

Semuc Champey is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Guatemala and is considered a paradise of turquoise waters. If you visit Semuc Champey, explore different destinations in Alta Verapaz.

Grutas del Rey Marcos

Grutas del Rey Marcos is a tourist destination with caves formed over millions of years as its main attraction. Additionally, the destination offers lodging, a spa, and much more.

Jardines de Provenza

Jardines de Provenza is a tourist destination near Antigua Guatemala that offers a vast lavender field. In addition, they have cabins, a restaurant, and hiking services.

Lake Atitlan

Lake Atitlán is considered one of the most beautiful lakes in the world and is curiously the deepest lake in Central America. It is surrounded by three volcanoes.

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Pacific beaches

Guatemala’s Pacific beaches have black sand and are perfect for beach lovers, those seeking warmth, mangroves, surfing, and nature.

If you visit Guatemala’s Pacific beaches, we recommend staying at these hotels:

Embark on an adventure to visit Guatemala, and if you do, plan your trip with authorized tour operators that have international certifications. Contact them here.

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