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Viaje GT: The learning, exchange and connection platform that seeks the exposure and promotion of MIPYMES of Sustainable Tourism in Guatemala.

The companies affiliated to the Sustainable Tourism Commission of AGEXPORT have been motivated to organize this August 30 and 31 the GT Trip event; which proposes to strengthen tourism MSMEs in business capacities in issues such as the modernization of human resources; identification of risks in tourism; sustainability in all its pillars; the future of tourism; as well as payment platforms; marketing strategy and digital reputation; e-commerce platforms and efficient reservation platforms.

“Through digital transformation, we seek to adjust the management and operation of tourism MSMEs to the technological changes that are occurring in the world; also provide them with the tools so that they can position themselves more effectively on the map of travelers and these in turn acquire their services. This given that according to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), technologies and digital platforms can help developing economies to overcome challenges in the management of traditional destinations and increase the competitiveness of companies. As well as they can provide new opportunities for women and rural entrepreneurs, improving their access to markets and financial inclusion.” commented the president of the Sustainable Tourism Commission of AGEXPORT, Andreas Kuestermann.

The next step: The digital transformation of MSMEs in the Tourism Sector

In 2020, the impact of the pandemic on the Tourism Sector caused a 78% drop in foreign exchange, 76% in visitors, and thousands of direct and indirect jobs lost in Guatemala. However, according to official data from INGUAT, the recovery of tourism in the country continues in a positive way and in June 2022 alone, 151,240 arrivals of non-resident visitors were registered.

“As a result of the pandemic, the business model of the MSMEs that are members of the AGEXPORT Sustainable Tourism Commission has changed to be able to function through digital platforms, by approximately 80%. In this context, we believe that a marketing channel is necessary that promotes the services that COMITURS offers and shows the world the good practices of sustainability, the main tourist destinations and the tourist packages that MSMEs promote. For this reason, within the framework of the GT Tour event, we will launch the digital platform that will bear the same name, which will promote the country’s tourism offer and good sustainability practices, all MSMEs that wish to promote sustainable practices that are already in place will be able to participate. applying, as it will also have training and educational content on how to implement these good practices in all the services of the chain”. Commented the vice president of COMITURS, Anaité Castillejo.

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